Do You Need To Be Good At Maths To Be An Early Years Educator?

As an early years educator, you can help kids learn basic math terminologies. This approach can make early education easier for them. Kids can learn basic math concepts at the age of three. Thus, you have to be good mathematics to be an early years educator.

Number sense

Before kindergarten, number sense or fundamentals of the number system are vital math skills that kids must learn. They should be able to count forward and backward.

Although kindergarten classes involve number sense, EYEs can lay a solid base by helping kids learn to count. Their focus on number sense is vital for kids to understand advanced math concepts in the future.

Preschool math helps lay academic building blocks

Early years educators help kids learn basic math skills. The idea is to lay the building blocks for the whole academic career. The lack of these simple skills, such as the number sense like addition, subtraction, and multiplication can keep kids from moving into elementary education.

The good thing is that young kids can learn these basic concepts at a much faster rate. Therefore, teachers can apply these basic math skills or concepts to regular childhood activities.

In short, you must have a good grip on maths if you want to become an early years education. Without these skills, you won’t be able to lay a strong foundation for kids in their early education years.